Saturday, 9 July 2011

There were some sunny intervals for this mornings 5 hour patch walk, but it was still a bit windy, making it feel chilly first thing. A good tally of 48 species was recorded, most notably the first HOBBY (60) of the month, it was up early, hunting SWALLOWS over at the College stables.

Whilst in the College grounds, I always check out the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, and this morning I found the two adults with at least 2 fledged youngsters, really good news for this diminishing long distance migrant, I hope the other pair along Ashes Lane are also successful this year, although there was no sign of either adult this morning. I also checked out the small trial garden, and was pleased to see it busy with birds again, BLACKCAP, WHITETHROAT, CHIFFCHAFF, ROBIN, BLACKBIRD, DUNNOCK and both BLUE and GREAT TIT were all feeding here.

Nothing much was seen around the fields and paddocks of Migrant Alley, but the small wooded headland there, had another mixed feeding flock as well as at least 4 TURTLE DOVES, I couldn't get good enough views to ascertain whether any were youngsters though.

Over at the lakes and Scrubby Woods, nothing had changed too much, on the water both the CANADA and GREYLAGS were seen, also a few MALLARD and MOORHEN, plus a GREY HERON. The Scrubby Woods was host to more Chiffchaff and Blackcaps, both seemed to be feeding second broods, two more Turtle Doves were heard singing, but there was no sign of my first Garden warbler of the year, surely one will pass through on return migration soon!

I had the camera in action today, this blackbird below was enjoying some early morning sun

The Spotted Flycatchers and their young insisted on staying under the dim canopy of a large oak, making for difficult photo's, you can just see the head of one of the youngsters in the photo below :-)

Above is a Blackcap, taking a food item to a nest, and below is the ever present Robin, I'm not sure if it had one leg, or it had one tucked up!

There were quite a number of butterflies around today, below is a Peacock Butterfly, the first ive seen since the 19 may.

Below is a Purple Hairstreak

and lastly a Brown Argus, I cant pass these without getting a photo or two!


Pete Woodruff said...

More excellent pics from you today Warren, and I see you're at it again with the records of Hobby - rare for us in our neck of the woods in N.Lancashire - and Turtle Dove....oh please!

Warren Baker said...

Never mind Pete, you get some birds i'll never see here :-)

Thanks for your kind comments re the photo's :-)

Anonymous said...

Good news regards the Spot Flys breeding successfully, Warren.

I agree, a great set of shots.

Jason K said...

Nice to see you have young Spotted Flys Warren...even if they are a little camera shy ;-)

Marc Heath said...

Always nice to know Spot Flys are doing well, like the angle you got on the Hairstreak.

Phil said...

Nice pics again Warren. Very envious of the Flycatchers, only ever seen one at New Hythe a couple of years ago.

Rob said...

Great variety of subjects today Warren. Looks like the Blackcap has caught a cricket.

Kelly said...

...lovely photos, Warren! Glad to see the Spotted Flycatcher fledglings! Cute little Robin too! :-)

Tim James said...

Fabulous shots Warren. I particularly love the Southern Hawker and the Purple Hairstreak. The Blackcap, too, is a fine shot. Wonderful work.