Monday, 18 July 2011

No change in the weather today, cool, blustery and frequent showers, pretty hopeless for being out in the woods!

I decided to see if anything would appear from the gloomy skies over at Migrant Alley, but I soon got fed up of being blasted by the rain showers every few minutes, I did last for 45 mins though, and saw two GREY HERONS fly over, and a flock of 6 MALLARD in a perfect equidistant line. Very few SWIFT and SWALLOWS were about, I don't suppose there was much insect prey for them today. Just before leaving, a male SPARROWHAWK flew low over, taking yet another PIED WAGTAIL into the Greenhouse Copse to be consumed.

The weather isn't set to change anytime soon, i'll take the showers, but this wind is making things very difficult!

Back home at the feeders, some grey birds came in on this grey day - 12 COLLARD DOVES :-) I attemted to photograph them, but it wasn't very successful.

Oh! and the BLUE TITS came in of course, they were the only birds that outnumbered the Doves, with 15 at a time being counted, this immature bird has come on a long way since it was hatched in May


Frank said...

Hi Warren. Similar conditions on the Costa Del Surrey/Hampshire Border today ... I could count the number of species seen or heard on one hand!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
A grey day descibed today perfectly .
And now it's tipping down .
At least I kept busy , clearing up after Detling .

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you had the same birding day as me, Warren. Shocking.

Jason K said...

It's a summer to be forgotten weatherwise mate!