Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A day with no rain or wind was at last with me, allowing for a couple of hours out on my patch this afternoon, I spent the time looking for Butterflies and Damselflies in the Tree Nursery, initially in some pleasant sunshine, but by 15:00hrs it had clouded over again.

I had only just arrived when the sighting of a BUZZARD was had as it glided over towards where I stood, it then circled above me, I had the 400mm lens, plus the 1x4 converter on the camera, which I use for the insect photo's, but it's a hopeless combination for photographing flying birds as I have to manually focus, I did my best, and just as it circled right over me the camera battery went! I did get a couple photo's though, this one being the better of them.
Common Buzzard
A slow walk across the grassy field didn't produce many Butterflies or Damsels, just two Common Blue flutters, one Brown Argus, one Red Admiral, and lastly, but best of all, my first Meadow Brown f the year.
Meadow Brown -first one of the year
Common Blue

The only Damselflies seen today were the White-Legged variety, but I did get a short glimpse of an Emperor Dragonfly as it whizzed past
White Legged Damselfly
White-Legged Damselfly
I also kept an eye on the sky whilst hunting for the insect life, and was well pleased to see my first HOBBY (62) of the month fly slowly over, bringing the months list to 62, which is equal to the 2007 June total, but it still only reaches 7th out of the eleven June's recorded. A LESSER BLACK BACK GULL also flew over, the only other avian notable was finding the first COMMON WHITETHROAT fledgelings of the year, nice to get them on the confirmed successfully breeding list.  Not a bad day at all today.

Here's a few shots of the adult Whitethroat after it emerged from feeding the fledgling, again I wish I had my 500mm lens and my 50D camera body, talking of which it might be ready to pick up on Saturday  :-)
Common Whitethroat
Common Whitethroat
Common Whitethroat
Common Whitethroat


Rob said...

A cracking Meadow Brown, Warren - I saw my first this afternoon, too, but after seeing yours I don't think I'll bother posting my blurry effort!

Pete Woodruff said...

More excellent photo results, and the Buzzard came out well considering the problems you mention Warren, WL Damselfly and Whitethroat also very good.

Marc Heath said...

Great set Warren. I must get up to see those White legged Damsels, never seen before.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Why bother with AF if you can get shots like the Buzzard MF .
Great set of Common Whitethroat shots .

Anonymous said...

Cracking Meadow Brown, Waren.

Jason K said...

Stunning photos Warren. I will keep my eyes peeled for patch Meadow Brown this week if we get a warmer spell!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely Whitethroat photos Warren! Well done on the Meadow Brown.

Not a butterfly, damsel or dragon in sight here yesterday, not even a fly by :-(