Saturday, 16 June 2012

A view to the  NW of my patch
No post yesterday, as I was busy changing over to a new computer, and as you can see i'm up and running again  :-)

A full patch walk this morning was undertaken in some dull and very windy conditions, only later in the walk was a glimpse of sunshine to be had. The windy conditions made it difficult to hear any calls from young fledglings, and with the trees blowing around wildly there wasn't much chance of finding anything perched in them!

The day list reached a creditable 46 species, most of those being seen in just singles, it was hard going winkling them out! The three flyover Gull species pushed the day list along, those being singles of HERRING, and LESSER BLACK BACKED with 7 BLACK HEADED, a good count here for June. A CORMORANT and a GREY HERON were the only other notable flyovers this morning.

One more species was confirmed as successfully breeding on my patch, the 29th to do so this spring, when I watched a CHIFFCHAFF repeatedly taking food to a hawthorn bush at the Scrubby Woods. I patiently sat and watched, until finally the young Chiffchaff revealed itself to me. A KESTREL was hunting over the woods, a NUTHATCH called, and the singing of BLACKCAPS were just audible over the roaring of wind through the trees, as was a singing TURTLE DOVE.

On the lakes today just a single MALLARD, two MOORHEN, 4 CANADA GEESE and the COOT pair were seen.

The College Grounds had the usual species taking advantage of the micro habitats there, both GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were seen, as well as GOLDCREST, SONGTHRUSH, PIED WAGTAIL, LINNET, BULLFINCH, GREENFINCH, CHAFFINCH, GOLDFINCH, plus the GREAT, BLUE and COAL TITS, very few youngsters were seen with them though. The Spotted Flycatchers have gone very inconspicuous, a sign that they are nesting - hopefully!  Another Turtle Dove was singing, while over at Migrant Alley one more was perched on it's favoured electricity pylon that over looks the wooded headland there, that's 3 territories now for this scarce bird.

Not much else to report from this morning, I've got my camera back from the repairers, after having it cleaned and serviced, but in the conditions there wasn't much to test it out on, except this distant college Bullfinch
Male Bullfinch
Male Bullfinch
I made an effort to go out to the Tree Nursery around 1pm, to see if there were any butterflies/damselflies about, but the wind seemed worse than ever!  I did find just the one Common blue Butterfly, as well as two MEADOW BROWNS, a pair of Emperor Dragonflies, and a single White-legged Damselfly, but it was poor in the cool windy weather  :-(
Common Blue - not looking so good in all this stormy weather
Common Blue
Bee Orchid


Rohrerbot said...

Nice pics Warren. Love the Common Blue. Have fun with your new camera and hope it makes an easy transition. I know that they can tricky finding programs etc.

ShySongbird said...

Glad you've got the camera back and of course that the new computer is set up Warren. That is good news about the Turtle Doves. The Bullfinch certainly brightens up yet another miserable day. I just looked at the forecast for the next ten days in my area and it's no better...pass that noose over, I think you had it last!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Chris ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
The Bullfinch was just about the highlight for me today, I didn't actually get much of a view of the Turtle Doves!

I think the noose has frayed a little, it has been in constant use this year!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Nice bully - truly awful day here Warren butters don't stand a chance in this cold wet rubbish - hope there's something better round the corner soon



Jason K said...

Emperor Dragonfly or Bee Orchid...either of those would be a red letter day on my patch Warren.

Marc Heath said...

Always good if you get a Bullfinch on the camera.

Ken. said...

First of all you did well getting the shot you did of the Common Buzzard by using manual focus. The White Legged Damselfly is also a nice photo.
Thursday was a good day too, not bad weather either.Nice to see your patience paid off by getting your shots of the Beautiful Demoiselle's, their a cracking Damselfly.The last time I saw them in good numbers was in Cornwall 2 summers ago at Marazion RSPB Reserve. As for the lacewing, I too looked in my books but just couldn't find it. It had plenty of clear markings as for today, you did well to get 46 species. I hope all goes well with your new PC.

simon horne said...

superb post warren especially love the bullfinch pic great