Sunday, 3 June 2012

The full patch walk was postponed this morning, due to the awful weather, rain, drizzle, low cloud and mist made it a pointless exercise, but hey it's a jubilee bank holiday what do we expect  :-)

Around the middle of the day, a window of opportunity arose for a walk, when the drizzle became lighter, so i nipped over to migrant Alley for a circuit of the fields and a bit of a sky watch, well sort of a sky watch, the visibility was dire!  It proved a worthwhile hours visit, as I picked up a CUCKOO (51) flying over at tree top level, it alighted on a tree in a large garden before flying off NW, another species was also added to the months list, when a GREY HERON (52) flew over, and then a BLACK HEADED GULL (53) made it three additions to the May list, a lone bird flew high eastwards. The LITTLE OWL was back on the Greenhouses, being mobbed in turn by a BLACKBIRD then a PIED WAGTAIL, but the rain returned around 14:00hrs, so I retreated home for a cuppa  :-)

A missed full patch walk in June due to the weather is a very unusual occurrence, luckily I'll catch up, as Ive got next week off work  :-)

During the ''lighter'' grey skies, I poked the camera out of the window, and took some garden bird pics to brighten up the blog, my old 400D camera had to work over-time in the poor light conditions, as you can see most of the photo's were taken on the same piece of trellis work fencing, the only place in my garden I could get a shutter speed of over 100  !
HOUSE SPARROW - A real scarce bird in my garden now, this is the first one to venture in since April
Immature Starling


ShySongbird said...

Well, I wish I could get such good results in such lousy conditions! What a dire day :-( and most of nine has been taken up with messing about trying to get an Internet signal and in the end having to buy a new router with minutes to spare before the shop closed, what a pain!

Warren Baker said...

Computers are great when they work, but when they go wrong, boy is it hard work!!

cant live without mine now though :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Snap with the House Sparrow today , even rarer here .
Today was most certainly a wash out .

Steve Ashton said...

I do not blame you for postponing your walk today Warren. The weather is awful at the moment. Roll om June and the summer. Hold on, we are in June.

Stringer said...

Great pics Warren ! Love sparrows, house sparrow is one of my favourite birds, lucky to have a garden full of em here, I'll send some down... ;-)

Tee sparrow is a bird I am hoping for in the garden, done some work with the farmers round here and they seem on the up. Had a small flock fly over last winter, but it would be nice to get one on the feeders...

Rohrerbot said...

I know Starlings are considered pests by most, but I think they are cool looking birds. I saw my first one this year in Tucson. They are considered to be invasive and evil by the locals because they kick our native birds out of their nests. We don't have many of them, but they are around. I'll be out on holiday for awhile to get a break from this sun and heat!! It's opposite here. You'd go nuts with this weather as well....well maybe not right away:) But I think we both can agree on one thing...being trapped inside of the house when we could be birding or searching for wildlife causes great stress!!:) With that said, I've got some exciting finds to share with you that have happened over this past weekend. More hummingbirds, owls, deer....that kind of I'll have posts coming up on them. Take care.

Warren Baker said...

You could send down a Tree sparrer too mate, never recorded one on my patch :-(