Monday, 25 June 2012

There was a little bit of brightness about this afternoon, and it felt a bit warmer than of late, so I headed off over to the Tree Nursery for an hour or so to see what Butterflies or Damselflies were about. On arrival two GREEN WOODPECKERS flew up and off over into the Wet Woods, and the ever present KESTREL was up hunting, LESSER and COMMON WHITETHROAT were singing, as well as a BLACKCAP and a CHIFFCHAFF in the distance.

There were not many species off Butterfly about, but of the four that were seen, the MEADOW BROWN and LARGE SKIPPER were most abundant, with about 30 of the former, and 6 of the latter, just one Red Admiral and one tatty Brown Argus were the other species present. I also found a couple of moth species, the Silver 'y' and the Mother Shipton. As for the Damsels and Dragons, just a Black Tailed Skimmer and a Common Blue Damsel were found.

After just over an hour, I went over to the Greenhouse Grounds for a look around, a Blackcap was taking food to it's hidden young, and a Common Whitethroat scolded at me, both WREN and DUNNOCK had young calling from a dense stand of Willowherb. The last hour of the patch visit was spent watching the sky from my seat at Migrant Alley, which was not very good at all, some local SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS were up feeding, plus some some SWIFTS up higher, but a further group of 50-60 Swifts that came over were certainly on their way back to Africa, heading SW with purposeful flight. The only other birds up in the sky were a HERING GULL, a group of 7 BLACK HEADED GULLS, a GREY HERON plus loads of WOODPIGEONS and Corvids, an enjoyable afternoon though   :-)
Large Skipper
Large Skipper
Large Skipper
Meadow Brown
Common Blue Damsel Immature
Common Blue Damsel Immature
'Tatty' Brown Argus
Mother Shipton Moth


ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, great photos! I love the Large Skipper ones, I took some of one myself yesterday, not in such a good position as yours but the first I have seen this year. I also managed my first Meadow Brown of the year and a Red Admiral :-)

That is a lovely pristine looking Mother Shipton too!

I have just caught up with your post from yesterday and it was nice to see the little Blue Tit. I was watching Swifts swooping around a small lake today, I hope they don't go yet but they probably wish they hadn't come in the first place this year!!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I agree with ShySongbird , very nice Lg.Skipper shots .
Your damselflies are female drab form CBDs again .
The female Meadow Browns are around now too , Marc posted one last night .

Phil said...

Nice Skippers Warren, still haven't seen one myself yet this year!