Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I was only out for 90 minutes this afternoon before a rain shower came over and sent me scurrying home again, I only had my tee shirt on as it was quite warm and humid, making the rain feel quite refreshing, but it wouldn't have done my camera and lens any good!

I had walked over to Migrant Alley to see if I could find the newly fledged SWALLOWS that were again on the fence line there this morning, I had again seen them as I walked home from work, but by the time I got out they had moved on . I did a circuit of the fields and paddocks, checking the Wooded Headland as I went, it was here that I heard a TURTLE DOVE singing, as well as a BLACKCAP, and a CHIFFCHAFF. This BULLFINCH below, sat at the top of some bare branches, I thought it was a recently fledged young one at first, but on closer inspection it turns out its an adult female.
Female Bullfinch
Female Bullfinch
The rest of the sheep pasture and horse paddocks had a small flock of  LINNETS and GOLDFINCH'S, as well as a GREEN WOODPECKER, plus all the Corvids, WOODPIGEONS, and a couple of STOCK DOVES. I sat and watched the sky as the rain started to fall, a HERRING GULL and two LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS, the local SWIFTS and the inevitable SPARROWHAWK were seen, as well as one of the KESTREL pair, not bad for 10 mins looking!
Inevitable Sparrowhawk whizzing over  :-)
Whilst at home having an early tea, ( which may allow me to get out later) I saw a NUTHATCH in the garden, welcome back to it! They always turn up at the feeders at the end of June, having left in April to breed, they are a few days later this year though, last year they were back on the 21st  :-)
They're back! - Nuthatch


ShySongbird said...

Nice to see the Nuthatch is back Warren. It sounds like those Swallows are teasing you :-) I would love to see one in my garden. I did have a beautiful male Bullfinch sat on my seed feeder the other day though which made my day :-)

No rain here but every time the sun seems to be coming out it disappears again and it's very humid too.

Warren Baker said...

Everything is teasing me at the moment songbird, i'm having a very frustrating time of it :-)

Hope you got some photo's of that Bullfinch on your feeders!

Chris said...

Well you got a shower but you also got nice pictures Warren. Love the bullfinch... And soon they wills top to tease you these little feloows ;-)

Dean said...

Heavy showers & thunderstorms up here today :(