Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Another scorcher of a day! I got out early to avoid the hottest part of the day, and walked the Greenhouse Grounds, Greenhouse Copse, Migrant Alley and was going to do the Bean Fields, but they were being harvested.

I recorded very little on my walk, but was only out for a couple of hours, as I had a busy day ahead. The Greenhouse Grounds turned up a GARDEN WARBLER (59), a good species to get here in September, but just one BLACKCAP and one CHIFFCHAFF joined it.

I passed the KESTREL which sat on the Greenhouse roofs - its default place- as I walked over to the Greenhouse Copse, here I found a WHITETHROAT, and 2 more Chiffchaffs, but again it was all very still and quiet this morning.

A circuit of Migrant Alley was made, yesterdays Whinchat had gone, they seldom stay long these days due to the disturbance here now, and there were no Wheatear on the paddocks, but a mixed flock of 33 CANADA and GREYLAG GEESE were seen there. A GREY WAGTAIL (60) flew over, bringing the months list up to 60 species, still 18 short of the record tally achieved back in 2009, and 14 off the average species tally for the previous 5 years - a lot of work to be done yet! 

I checked the Ashes lane Field, and did find a WHEATEAR here, no doubt the one that has been here since the 1st   :-) I walked the long way home, taking the route along High House Lane, hoping to add Skylark or Yellowhammer to the months list, but none were seen, I saw a LITTLE OWL perched out on a fence post though, too far for a photo unfortunately. One of the rape fields off High House Lane was being harrowed, and at least 75 Gulls were on it, most HERRING, but a few BLACK HEADED and a single LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL were also seen. The last bird of note was a BUZZARD seen drifting over as I neared home.

There was some lovely soft light this morning ideal for photography, but I only got one photo opportunity, that was this PHEASANT.
Pheasant, in the rape stubble
 I've still got some dragonfly photo's left from earlier in the week so i'll post those.


Common Darter
Common Darter
Migrant Hawker
Migrant Hawker
Migrant Hawker


Christian said...

Hi Warren. Very classy close ups of the Dragonflies mate.

Anonymous said...

Have a good day out, mate...wherever you are going.

Marianne said...

Great pics. What's that Pheasant up to? I just went back and found your post from Sevenoaks - great stuff, left a comment :)

Warren Baker said...

That Pheasant was 'hiding' not much cover though !