Sunday, 29 September 2013

I wasn't going to do a post until Monday after my excursion to see the Spotted Crake at Oare and the Lesser Yellow legs at Cliffe yesterday, then a visit to Alan Paveys patch at Sissinghurst this morning, I didn't think I'd have time to visit my patch this weekend, however, I found myself with a spare hour or so after dinner today, so I went to see if I could get what would probably be my last Dragonfly photo's this year, the only ones left on the wing here now are the Migrant Hawkers, and I found a few in their usual place at the Greenhouse Grounds.

Whilst taking the Hawker Photo's, a SPARROWHAWK was seen up hunting, and one of the KESTREL pair took an interest in what I was up to, watching me from the Greenhouse roof, at one point it swooped down and caught a vole, but much more spectacular was seeing it zoom a meter or so from my head, snatching a mating pair of Migrant Hawkers that I was waiting to alight for a photo! It flew off to eat them on the roof, but one manged to escape  :-)

Tomorrow being the last day of the month, i'll be out first thing for a full patch walk, hoping to add something to the months bird count, namely the Yellowhammer!

Here's the photo's of the Hawkers, ive done them before I know, but they are brilliant little creatures :-)
I got a few flight shots this afternoon
Migrant Hawker In Flight
I reckon this one is my best flight shot yet  :-)
It posed nicely at times too
At one point I got my macro set up to within 12cm of it
Migrant Hawker


Marc Heath said...

Such great photographic moments and subjects Warren. Another off patch site visit. Reculver next for you then!

Warren Baker said...

Watch out marc,
I might just turn up this winter :-)

The Hairy Birder said...

Cracking Hawker shots Warren! Awesome!



Warren Baker said...

Thanks Seumus ! :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Good to meet you Warren, glad you managed to get back to your patch in the afternoon :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Twitching Nearctic waders! Whatever next? A) did you see it? and b) when was the last time you saw a redshank on your patch?

Have fun


PS I must be due a spotted crake...been a few years now

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for the tour of your patch :-)

Birds are more numerous there, and you've got some great habitat.

Look forward to reading your next patch post!

Warren Baker said...

Davyman - A) Yes B) Never!

Noushka said...

Oh dear, what a series!
That is superb dragonfly photography, congratulations!
You might (I hope!) enjoy Dragonfly World:
You photography in general is beautiful and very well presented... to my liking!