Thursday, 26 September 2013

Overnight rain cleared early this morning, leaving an overcast sky and a light NE wind, a combination that I though might have dropped a few passage birds in, but it wasn't to be.

The same quick route around most of my patch was had, that same route that I took yesterday, but it was not such a busy visit. CHIFFCHAFFS are still around in small numbers, with 2 in the Greenhouse Grounds, 1 in the Pub Field hedgerow, 1 along Ashes lane, and another 2 in the Scrubby Woods/lake area. similarly, the only BLACKCAPS concerned 1 that was in the Greenhouse Grounds and another in the Scrubby/Woods Lake area. SWALLOW and HOUSE MARTIN were the only other summer birds recorded, when 18 of the former and 4 of the latter flew high south over Migrant Alley.

Also at Migrant Alley, a SISKIN, three SKYLARKS and a few MEADOW PIPITS went over, as did a pair of CANADA GEESE the first seen for a week or so here. Not much else to report on a quiet visit, but it was great watching 4 BUZZARDS soaring up over the Greenhouses, they hung around all day and were seen well from my garden this afternoon as I toiled in it  :-)  SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL were the only other raptors seen today, the former paying more than one visit to my feeders.

Only 4 days of the month left now, and two of those I will in all likely hood be visiting elsewhere, can I find that Yellowhammer for the months list, or will this be the first month ever not to have one on the months list ?
My only photo's today come from my garden, good job thats always obliging  :-)
Chaffinch, Female
BLUE TIT, what a beauty  :-)

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Alan Pavey said...

Looking forward to meeting you Warren, hope we find some birds!