Saturday, 7 September 2013

Harvested bean crop
The weather had a bit of everything this morning, early fog, followed by an hours sunshine, then showery rain.

I visited most parts of my patch, and recorded 45 species, about par for a September day, nothing much out of the ordinary was seen, but the 2 YELLOW WAGTAILS that flew from the paddocks at Migrant alley were a good record of the continuing passage of this species. Only 4 BLACKCAPS were seen today, 1 at the Greenhouse Grounds, and 3 at the Scrubby Woods, CHIFFCHAFF numbers are also tailing off, with 1 seen at the Greenhouse Grounds and at least 4 at the Scrubby Woods, one of which sang, no Whitethroat were seen at all today, maybe the locally bred birds have gone on their journey now, the median average last sighting date for this species at pittswood is the 11th September, so I might just get a passage one through on later visits.

Locally bred SWALLOWS are also getting scarce here, but their numbers are augmented by small flocks of migrant Swallows as they pass through, with them are the HOUSE MARTINS, the sky always had a few passing over this morning.

Other noteworthy species were the raptors, of which KESTREL, BUZZARD and SPARROWHAWK were seen, the latter on many occasions, also a flock of 73 CANADA GEESE were on the main lake, along with 2 GREYLAGS and the BARNACLE GOOSE (62) the first sighting of it this month  :-)

Most of the Woodland species turned up today, COAL TIT, TREECREEPER, GOLDCREST, and NUTHATCH being the most noteworthy, but Long tailed Tit, and Bullfinch weren't seen, and I'm still trying to find the months first Yellowhammer and Skylark. An increase in MISTLETHRUSH'S was noted, at least 10 fed on the tilled field off Ashes Lane, lastly, a CORMORANT flew over, a good September record.
This was in my garden, seen as I drank my tea first thing
The Sparrowhawk of course

I found this pair of Mating Migrant Hawkers
Unfortunately I had my 500mm lens on the camera - not good for close ups
I did see LONG TAILED TIT today, at least 15 turned up at my garden feeders
I helped this Rabbit off of Ashes Lane,,it had been stunned by a car, I found it squashed as I returned home  :-(


Anonymous said...

Some great pics once again, Warren.

Jason K said...

Barnacle Goose....feral breeder or not they are always a welcome site on the patch in my books

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Dean mate :-)

Warren Baker said...

I always count 'em :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Like the MH shots in the ring , showing exactly where the secondary genitalia is on the male .
Won't say anything about the Goose .