Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A few sunny spells were had for this mornings patch visit, once a couple of short, sharp showers had passed over.

I thought I would have added a Redwing to the months list this morning, but I failed to locate any, in fact I didn't find any new bird species for the February list. There were some good species about though, a PEREGRINE flew over the Ashes lane Field early in the morning, and both the female and male KESTREL were hunting on same fields, the trio of Raptor species was made up by no less than 5 BUZZARDS that were over the Greenhouse Grounds / Migrant Alley, I watched for some time as they tumbled in the sky and locked talons. A COMMON GULL sat alone on the sheep pasture below, a good species to see  :-)

A LITTLE OWL was seen near to the old shack in the Ashes Lane Field, but none was seen in the Greenhouse Copse today. GOOSANDER are still visiting the main lake, though there were just 2 females there today, a KINGFISHER was heard and at least one pair of MANDARIN DUCK had returned. A CORMORANT was on the small lake, while the adjacent ornamental lake had the MUTE SWAN and COOT pairs.

So although this morning was much the same as yesterday, I cant complain, finding any of the above species is good going on my patch, and with the likes of SISKIN, GOLDCREST, COAL TIT, LONG TAILED TIT, TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH and BULLFINCH on the days list of 45 species, it wasn't too bad a visit  :-)

This afternoon I had to wait in for a delivery, so decided to the waiting in my shed/photographic studio and see if I could photograph the Siskin and Redpoll that had been seen earlier in the day, unfortunately neither turned up in the two hours I waited, so i just took photo's of the regular stuff!


Alan Pavey said...

Love the second Goldfinch pic especially! :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Alan,
tried to do something different!

Mike Gould said...

Some nice photos Warren.

Pete Woodruff said...

Two hours in the shed/photographic studio with some excellent results Warren. All sounds like part of a birders perfect world....I luv it.

Noushka said...

Lovely sharp pictures, Warren, congrats!
I am very disappointed by this warmish winter, dull and wet and no sightings of any small migrants.
When we have one sunny day, 10 are very dark here too!!
Even the Goldfinches have not appeared in my garden...
Great to discover the species you have! :)