Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The forecast rain didn't arrive until just gone mid day,  but the wind was strong and blustery right from the off, making for yet another patch visit in poor conditions, especially so as the ground is now just a sea of mud, even off the well trodden footpaths!

Not a great deal was visible or audible above the roar of the wind as I walked over the Ashes lane Field, just a few MAGPIES were seen, the puddles of water grow ever larger here now, I'll soon be getting Mallards on them if this rain keeps up!

Walking round the main lake it was a relief to have some cover from the wind, but I wondered if I should have bothered to go out at all, when the lakes only provided me with the usual MUTE SWAN and COOT pair, a dozen MALLARD, 6 MOORHEN and the KINGFISHER, although a few minutes after arriving the 3 CANADA GEESE and the BARNACLE GEESE flew in, alighting on the main lake.

The only birds I heard above the clattering tree branches were a MISTELTHRUSH that sang from the top most branches of an Oak, seemingly oblivious to the gale, plus a GOLDCREST and a COAL TIT that both sang from just above my head in a fir tree.

Against my better judgement I made my way over to the open fields of Migrant Alley, where the wind whipped across the pasture and paddocks. There were about 60 gulls on the pasture, most were HERRING GULLS of mixed ages, but there were also 4 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS and  about a dozen BLACK HEADED GULLS too. I soon took what shelter I could find over at the Greenhouse Grounds, where a LITTLE OWL was seen in the line of Alders, no doubt one of the pair from the Greenhouse Copse, I had the mobbing BLACKBIRDS, CHAFFINCH'S and DUNNOCKS to thank for pointing it out to me!

I held out for just another half hour, watching over the pasture, I saw at least 8 MEADOW PIPITS battling against the wind before dropping down again, also two SKYLARK got up and started singing, they were certainly more cheery than I was!

This afternoon the rain arrived in a gale blown torrent, more mud and puddles for tomorrows visit  :-(

Images today are from the garden again..................only the same old stuff, these were taken earlier this week.
Coal tit
Great tit


Marc Heath said...

I actually think I'm going to do dragonflies and butterflies more seriously this year, at least the sun shines for this and I have not got to waste time getting soaked every bloody day I go out birding and then contending with getting blown over or hit by branches that pass by every few minutes, take a breath I hear you say!! I've just has enough. Think I will go into hiding for a few months and wait for the warmer weather to arrive. Moan over for now! Oh yes, nice shots Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Gotta laugh, thats just about what I said to my missus ! God I hope we get some kind of decent summer after all this !!!

Ken. said...

What is the point of going out in this atrocious weather,I ask myself, but if it wasn't for 'The Hardy' like you many people wouldn't know what wildlife is about.
Really like the Great Tit pic, to me it seems to be thinking to it's self "What the hell is happening with this weather?"
Hang on in there Warren it will get better(says he with his fingers crossed)

Warren Baker said...

I have to go out just to get some air, I know there is little chance of finding much different happening until this weather changes, but then again, you just dont know, something might appear on one of the lakes :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Can't agree with 'the same old stuff' Warren, the Coal Tit is a little beauty, and the image of it is too.

Warren Baker said...

Pete, I guess I shouldn't take things for granted !

Alan Pavey said...

At least it's nice today :-) still very envious of those great Coal Tit pics :-)