Thursday, 20 February 2014

The weather forecast for today was for a wet morning, but brightening up around mid day, so I decided i'd wait for said brightening before making a patch visit, I  waited, and waited........finally, at almost 2pm the rain stopped and the sky started to clear, so off I went.

The first birds of note were the KESTREL pair, they were hunting along Ashes lane and the associated Ashes lane Field, it was while crossing that field a few gulls were noted on the adjacent Pub Field maize stubbles, these turned out to be around a dozen HERRING GULLS and 4 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS, the first birds I've noted on that field all year! A dozen REDWING were noted in a nearby large garden, with a pair of MISTLETHRUSH.

On reaching the Lakes today I was ever hopeful a new duck species had turned up, but it was not to be, just the COOT and MUTE SWAN pair, 6 CANADA GEESE, around a dozen MALLARD and a few MOORHEN were the total of what was on the water, there was also a CORMORANT that sat atop one of the bankside trees.

A quick look through some of the Scrubby Woods produced a singing GOLDCREST or two, plus a TREECREEPER as well as a few BLUE and GREAT TITS, however the sight of a PEREGRINE flying over low and slow was enough to justify the pleasant 90 minute visit.

Looks like a better day weather wise tomorrow, so a more eventful walk should be on the cards, hopefully some of the winter species that have been ''missing'' so far this year will put in an appearance, Lapwing or Snipe would be nice, maybe a Brambling or a Teal, surely a Yellowhammer can be located for the February list ?  This months species list is still 3 off the average tally seen for the previous five Februaries, and 7 off the best ever tally of 70 that was achieved last year. The 13 year combined February species total is on 87, so there should be a chance of setting a new record for this month  :-)

Here's a few images to be going on with, these are yesterdays efforts taken at my garden feeders.


Marc Heath said...

As you say tomorrow looks better. Charge that camera up, hope you can use it. Not long to wait for the migrants, they are hopefully on there way.

Warren Baker said...

Another 20 days i reckon marc, then it all kicks in :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

More excellent shots of your four garden species Warren.

Jason K said...

A cracking set of garden photos Warren!