Friday, 7 February 2014

More atrocious weather this morning meant nothing more than a token patch visit over to the lakes this morning, where the best on offer were the GOOSANDERS, of which there were 2 females and a male, there was also a CORMORANT which fished with them for a short time.

I checked up on the MUTE SWAN pair, they had moved from the ornamental lake to the small lake, the COOT pair also remained, staying put on the ornamental lake. MALLARDS and MOORHENS made up the wildfowl seen on the water, which I may as well of jumped in, as I wouldn't of got any wetter!

A group of 7 GREYLAG GEESE flew over as I trudged back home across the Ashes Lane Field, where a couple of MEADOW PIPITS flew up, I could also see a group of Gulls in the distance over Migrant Alley, but I was just too wet and muddy to go over and check them out today  :-(

After getting back home and changing into some dry, clean clothes, the rain moved off and it brightened up, bloody typical!! I could have gone out again, but I didn't have any motivation to start again, so I went up to my shed to try and photograph some garden birds, I got some of the commoner species, but the nice rosy breasted Redpoll eludes me still!


Alan Pavey said...

Nice Siskin, very scarce here this winter.

Warren Baker said...

Not that many here either Alan, nor winter thrushes !