Thursday, 6 February 2014

With only a brief interlude in the rain this morning, my patch walk was very short, only a walk over to the lakes and back was all that was managed. It did however provide me with a couple of additions to the months list, the first being a REDWING (57) that was sighted as it flew over the Ashes Lane Field, eventually alighting in an adjacent garden, I cant believe its taken six visit to finally find a Redwing!

The lakes were well worth the visit today, the usual MALLARDS and MOORHENS were enjoying the wet weather, with one Moorhen seen gathering nest material. The MUTE SWAN and COOT pair seen, must surely stay to breed now ? The GOOSANDERS had returned in force, with the 5 females and a male bird present, a CORMORANT fished for a while alongside them, and as I watched the fishing, a male MANDARIN DUCK dropped in, to be followed a few minutes later by a pair of CANADA GEESE (58), a good view of the KINGFISHER made it quite an eventful visit to these normally quiet lakes  :-)

On the walk back home, as the rain started, I watched the male KESTREL up hunting over the Greenhouse Grounds, I wonder how the hunting is, in all this wet weather ?

No chance with the camera today, and the blog folder has run dry  :-(


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Your blog folder is about the only thing that is dry at the moment .
Having done some small mammal trapping , including in wet weather , voles and mice have to stay active to find food , so the Kestrels should find their food OK .

Warren Baker said...

Good to hear that Greenie, the Kestrel pair here do look in ok condition.

Anonymous said...

You`ve nearly got as many for the month as i have for the year, Warren.

Warren Baker said...

I'm struggling now Dean :-(