Saturday, 22 February 2014

Another sunny, spring like morning, gave me the chance to get round for a full patch walk this morning, where a total of 48 bird species were encountered, which is good going on my patch, if Redwing and Treecreeper had been found, which were undoubtedly out there somewhere, the not often reached total of 50 species could have been achieved  :-)

As it was, most, if not all the species seen were expected, but in the excellent weather it was just good to be out among them  :-) Highlights for the day were the 5 GOOSANDER, two of which were males, they were on the main lake, also up there on the highlight list were the 3 raptor species of KESTREL, of which a pair hunted in the Ashes lane Field, BUZZARD, 3 of which soared together over the Greenhouse Grounds, and a SPARROWHAWK that terrorised the area in general!

It was good to hear the first singing LINNET of the year at the Greenhouse Grounds, something I always look forward to each spring, and seeing the pair of LITTLE OWLS in the Greenhouse Copse always raises the pulse a bit, even though they are there or there abouts most days! Also in the Copse were about 50 FIELDFARE, it was difficult to know how many exactly as they moved continually through the higher parts of the trees, they were making a real cacophony of sound though!

SKYLARKS sang over the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, and a COMMON GULL flew low over, half a dozen MEADOW PIPITS are still around, and will in all probability hang about until April, the mean average last date for Meadow Pipit here is the 19 April, only in the winter of 2002/3 did the last sighting date appear in March.

Not too much excitement for the camera today, again I used the borrowed 100-400mm canon lens.  I waited for 45 minutes for the Goosander to come close enough, but they had me sussed today  ;-)
This MALLARD splashed down as I waited though.
Kestrel. Not as good as the 500mm lens can achieve, obviously, it having more focal length
I had one quick shot of one of the Little Owls as I passed   :-)
This ROBIN sat in the sunshine, can never resist them :-)

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Marc Heath said...

Another nice visit Warren, very much liking the Kestrel shot.