Thursday, 17 April 2014

A mostly sunny morning was had for todays shortish patch visit, a visit that didn't produce much at all, certainly no new spring arrivals.

An early check of the paddocks and sheep pasture drew a blank for a Wheatear, and the Lesser Whitethroat that was at the Wooded Headland yesterday had moved on, I fear that this species is now lost as a Pittswood breeder, and is relegated to a mere passage bird, there is just so little favourable habitat left for them now. The CHIFFCHAFF and BLACKCAP were making use of what habitat is available though, and both sang from the depleted Wooded Headland.
Chiffchaff at the Wooded Headland
A Cuckoo was heard way in the distance as I made my way back over to the Lakes and Woods, too far off to be counted on my patch though, looks like this is another species that will only be recorded here on passage  :-( The SKYLARK pair were still using the Ashes lane Field, hopefully they will decide to breed here. A LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and two immature HERRING GULLS were also on the fields.
Skylark, on its usual songpost, I never get within 20 meters of it though!
The Wet Woods and Scrubby Woods were checked out in case an exciting migrant bird species was lurking, exciting here would be a Sedge or Reed warbler! Nothing like that today though, so just a case of finding the regulars, and looking for nesting activity. The MISTLETHRUSH continues to sit on her nest, and the MUTE SWANS, GREYLAG GOOSE and I presume the COOT pair are all incubating eggs - I cant see the Coot nest now as the surrounding reedmace has hidden it from view. A BUZZARD flew just about head height over the Ornamental Lake, quite a sight, it was probably looking for an easy meal, one of the MOORHEN young perhaps!

I spent some while just sitting, listening and watching in the Scrubby Woods, I was on the lookout for the first Dragonflies or Damselflies of the year, the sunny clearings in the wood were warming up nicely by 10:00hrs, but it didn't entice any dragons out! A few Orange Tip Butterflies were on the wing, as were Small White, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock, plus a single Holly Blue, none of which stopped for a photo. By 11:30 I had to leave, the Dragons will have to wait for another day, just hope the weather is kind for a few more weeks :-)

Just the KESTREL was of note as I walked home, but I noticed also that the STARLINGS were tooing and froing with beak fulls of food, wont be long before gangs of youngsters start noisily charging about the place, now they are always good for a photo or two  :-)

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Marc Heath said...

You will have to get a hide or dress up to get near that Skylark. Hopefully i have a few nice shots later!!