Saturday, 19 April 2014

Again, a cold wind blew from the NE this morning and under a mostly cloudy sky it didn't feel too springlike.

With the coolness of the morning, little was heard singing, but one species that did sing was a LESSER WHITETHROAT, presumably the same bird that arrived on Wednesday, giving hope that it may set up a territory around the Wooded Headland at Migrant Alley. The CHIFFCHAFF and BLACKCAP were also seen at the Wooded Headland. Out on the pasture and paddocks, just 2 HERRING GULL and a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL were seen, along with the gathering of Corvids, mostly which were ROOKS.
Rook  (Archive Photo)
Rook, another archive photo, didn't get any action with the camera today!
The male KESTREL was hunting around the Greenhouse Grounds, and the LITTLE OWL was seen at its nest box over by the old shack in the Ashes Lane Field, where the SKYLARK pair chased about above the weedy part of the fields.

Approaching the Wet Woods I saw a COMMON BUZZARD fly out and head over the Greenhouse Grounds, but there was little in the woods today, just GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and NUTHATCH of note.

I passed the incubating  MISTLETHRUSH on the way to the lakes, the eggs must have hatched by now ? Over on the Lakes there was no sign of yesterdays white goose, but 4 GREYLAGS were on the water, with 6 CANADA GEESE and a lone male MANDARIN DUCK. I scanned the ornamental lake to see if there were any young COOT about yet, but only one adult was seen, 7 MALLARDS were being tolerated by the MUTE SWAN, as was a MOORHEN with 2 young.

In the Scrubby Woods some song was heard, COAL TIT, GOLDCREST, more Chiffchaff and Blackcap, plus the BLACKBIRDS and SONGTHRUSHES, but it was all a bit quiet in there this morning.

An hours sky watch was had on my seat at Migrant Alley, but the only bird of note seen passing over was a GREY HERON.

Looks like tomorrows visit will be short lived if I get out at all, rain and wind is forecast for the morning, and a spot of DIY for my old mum will take up my afternoon!


Gravel Pit Birder said...

hello warren
dont seem to see rooks over whetsted...strange!
glad to see your lesser white has shown...fabulous birds.
i dont think i will get lapwing this spring/summer at whetsted, the farmer has finally driven them off for good....theres always hope!!
its ben a few interesting days in the ringing and birding areas for me...seem to have hit quite a purple patch....!
lets hope those migrants keep rolling in...!

Marc Heath said...

Weather does not look that good does it? Maybe a few hours in the morning if we are lucky.

Warren Baker said...

I think if you have a nearby Rookery it helps, there are two beside my patch.

Lapwings try to breed here, but the farming methods are out of kilter with their needs :-(