Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No patch visit was made today, instead I took a break from Pittswood and headed off with a friend down to Dungeness, where in some very pleasant warm weather we had a wander around the reserve and Observatory trapping area.

In total we accumulated 62 species, most of which are unlikley to be seen on my patch back at Pittswood, so it was good to catch up on few different birds for once  :-)

We were of course on the lookout for newly arrived Migrant species, of which only CHIFFCHAFF, SEDGE WARBLER and YELLOW WAGTAIL were seen, but it's great to meet them again! Some of the highlights of the visit for me were seeing AVOCET, CURLEW, MARSH HARRIER, PEREGRINE, LITTLE EGRETS, OYSTERCATCHER,  and a couple of fantastic TREE SPARROWS, as well as hearing and glimpsing CETTIS WARBLERS, which seemed to be in every bramble thicket we passed ! I would dearly of loved a decent image of the latter two species, I got close to getting them, but failed to in the end  :-(

I did however get a few images of other birds to remember the trip by  :-)
A newly arrived Sedge Warbler
Male REED BUNTING, lots of this species were to be found
Female Reed Bunting
1st winter Gull, I presumed Herring, immature gulls aren't my strong point!


Phil said...

I struggle with mature gulls Warren, never mind the immature ones. Great pics, especially the Sedges. I usually get down to Dungeness at this time just to see them. Next week hopefully!

Joe said...

Stunning sedge warbler pictures. Must have been nice to see a different set of species for a day :)

Warren Baker said...

I dont get to see enough Gull species Phil, sadly.

Warren Baker said...

You're right, it's nice to be able to see something different for a change - and in some superb habitat!

Marc Heath said...

Call yourself a patch watcher, thats two visits in the past month off patch Warren, I'm worried now!

Stewart said...


Sounds like my garden Warren ;)

Pete Woodruff said...

Sedge Warbler, Yellow're beginning to annoy me Warren!

Alan Pavey said...

Nice to go off patch Mate and some great pics :-)