Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I took a friend out with me for todays short patch visit, short, as we were moving on to do some ''off patch'' birding for the day.

It proved to be a rewarding 2 hour session in the lovely sunshine though, with the highlight being, hearing then finding, the first WILLOW WARBLER (78,59) of the year, it sang from the bankside scrub of the lake area. Its arrival is just 2 days later than the previous 12 years median average first sighting date. Also seen, on the ornamental lake, were the first MOORHEN chicks of the spring, 6 of which were clambering around the grassy banks, this is the third species on this years ''bred successfully'' list  :-)

Despite the visit being short, we manged a total of 41 species, which on our return from the off patch visits to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve and Bough Beech Reservoir, we extended to 45, adding, from a sky watch at Migrant Alley, BUZZARD, of which 6 were seen up soaring together, SPARROWHAWK, and at least 4 SWALLOWS that fed over the sheep pasture and paddocks, they have arrived proper now! The final addition to the Pittswood list was the humble HOUSE SPARROW, a small gathering were seen dust bathing along Ashes Lane.

A short post today, as i'm knackered!! I'll post up a few photo's of the days outings though  :-)
GREYLAG GOOSE touching down
EGYPTIAN GOOSE, 10 newly fledged ducklings were seen with one pair
Greylag Goose


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Bet SR was busy , when I left at 1100 the previous morning , the car park was jam packed .
That Egyptian Goose looks a bit over-cooked !
Knackered ? A young man like yourself !

Warren Baker said...

Greenie, I think my birthday last Monday was the last straw! :-)

Marc Heath said...

I only got it right again. If only i could predict my own stuff.