Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A miserably wet and windy morning allowed for just the briefest of visits to Migrant Alley, where in the near gale force wind very little indeed was seen, just flyovers from a GREY HERON, a COMMON BUZZARD, a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and a few HERRING GULLS were noted, a CHIFFCHAFF was just about heard in the Greenhouse Grounds, but the rain soon came in again and stayed all day long, bloody hopeless!!


Derek Faulkner said...

Couldn't agree more, we get hardly any rain for three months and then get it all in one week.
Still next week is forecast to be nice and settled again, with loads of migrants.

Warren Baker said...

A bit of wind and rain I can cope with, but not all day long! I hope that forecast of ''loads of Migrants'' comes to fruition :-)