Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Light, but persistent rain fell throughout much of this morning, this, after last nights forecast for a fine sunny morning!

I was going to do a full patch walk today, but given the weather, thought it better to spend the morning as I did yesterday, searching the fields and hedgerows for possible grounded migrants and spending some time sky watching.

I found no ''chats'' or Yellow Wagtails though, but I think any day now something will turn up at Migrant Alley, looking back at my August records, it's generally mid month onwards that much is found. I did find a few bits of interest however, a pair of GREY WAGTAILS (61) that flew over the Greenhouse Grounds was an addition to the months list, as was a WILLOW WARBLER (62) that was in the boundary hedge between the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, this is just the second record of this species for the year!

The Greenhouse Grounds were the center of much bird activity, with the flock of 20 odd GOLDFINCHES again on the thistle heads there, plus the welcome sight of a flock of 24 GREENFINCHES that fed on the bare patch of ground left by the clearance of a large Bramble patch, it was strange to see a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER join them! Another unusual gathering was observed, when 7 SONGTHRUSHES were seen perched up together on a stack of old wooden pallets. Also in the grounds were 4 WHITETHROATS, 2 CHIFFCHAFFS, a BLACKCAP and of course a KESTREL.

My skywatching was a bit more interesting than on previous mornings, with frequent flyovers from BLACK HEADED, LESSER BLACK BACKED and HERRING GULLS, plus another HOBBY and a SPARROWHAWK. Other notable flyovers were a pair and a single GREY HERON,  a CORMORANT, a YELLOWHAMMER, a flock of 13 HOUSE MARTINS, a party of 4 SWIFTS and 7 CANADA GEESE.

GREEN WOODPECKER, BULLFINCH, TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH and GOLDCREST were the best of what was recorded on my wanderings through the Pub Field, Ashes Lane Fields and down High House Lane.

No photo's today, in the poor camera conditions, and the blog photo folder has run dry, not even any Dragon photo's left ( thanks god for that I hear you say!! )


Marc Heath said...

The weather wasn't certainly the sunny forecast given but you still found a few goodies for the patch. Not long now and the migrant I suspect will be passing through. Had a few at Reculver today.

Warren Baker said...

The winds look favourable on thursday marc :-)

Phil Barnett said...

I like 'Migrant Alley' - I've got my own names for parts of the patch. Including 'Wheatear wall' where I've never seen a Wheatear - but keep expecting to!