Saturday, 22 August 2015

High patchy cloud soon burnt off under the sunshine, when by 08:00hrs the cool of the morning had already been replaced by hot and humid air.

In the heat of the morning many birds soon melted away into cover, but there was enough interest to keep me entertained for a few hours. A party of 4 YELLOW WAGTAILS were seen on one of the paddocks at Migrant Alley, plus a few were heard going over, but these may of been the same birds, as they were flushed up by various disturbances before they moved off for good. A BUZZARD was seen distantly on the harrowed field at Bustard Hill, while nearer, in the Greenhouse Copse, a few CHIFFCHAFF called, plus both GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were seen. In the adjacent Greenhouse Grounds a couple more Chiffchaff were seen, along with a BLACKCAP, 2 WHITETHROATS and the 50+ GOLDFINCH flock.

As I walked across the Ashes Lane Fields, a stream of HERRING GULLS flew over, the only gulls seen today, also a SPARROWHAWK was being seen off by a hoard of SWALLOWS. I went over and checked the lakes, but little of note was on the water except a grey heron that was slightly out of its depth, but whilst there, staring out across the water, a KINGFISHER alighted on a perch just 5 meters from me! It was positioned ideally for photographing, in full light with no obstructions in front and a clean background, I had my camera by my side, but knew any sort of movement and the bird would be gone, as proved the case as, as soon as I moved off it went!! Blast it, what a missed opportunity! It was, at least, one of the best Kingfisher views ive ever had  :-)

In too deep  :-)

It still managed to snap up some small fish though

A quick look through the Scrubby Woods didn't provide anything exciting, singing from Chiffchaff, GOLDCREST, COAL TIT and STOCK DOVE was heard, as were calls from TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH, BULLFINCH and JAY.

It was now getting quite hot, so I turned my attention to the Dragonflies, hoping in particular to get some Migrant Hawker images, which today I was successful at!

I found this female on a Thistle head

She sat very obligingly allowing for lots of photo's

I was able to move round and get a top view

Taking shots of its intricate wings, that were in immaculate condition

Here you can see the stunning pattern of its abdomen, I love to study the markings

After filling boots with images I moved on, finding another ''hanging'' up, plus I found a Southern Hawker, the images of which i'll save for aother post  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Nice study of shots Warren showing the very intricate markings.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Marc.
They certainly do blend in with the foliage!