Sunday, 2 August 2015

Early fog took until 08:30 to clear this morning, thereafter it slowly became sunny and warm.

A poor patch visit was had today, the fog meant the most productive part of the day was all but lost, visibility being down to 75 meters and less in places. I did however add a couple of expected species to the August list, when a YELLOWHAMMER (49) was seen flying over the Greenhouse Grounds, and a PHEASANT (50) called from somewhere around the Greenhouse Copse. Once the fog had cleared I noted a GREY HERON and a few HERRING GULLS flying over Migrant Alley.

By 10:00hrs the sun was trying to push through, so I headed to the Scrubby Woods and Lakes, hearing a LITTLE OWL call from the Small Holding as I passed through. At the Scrubby Woods I wanted to try and get some images of the Southern Hawker Dragonflies that have evaded my efforts to photograph them in recent days. Whilst I searched for my quarry, a pair of BUZZARDS called persistently over the Scrubby Woods, eventually circling over low. I also saw a few CHIFFCHAFFS and  BLACKCAPS feeding on the Elder Berries, but there was no sign of a passage Garden Warbler with them, which would be a year tick. STOCK DOVE, JAY, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER and BULLFINCH all were heard calling, plus GOLDCREST and COAL TIT gave some song.

I finally came across a Southern Hawker, but unfortunately it alighted too high up on an Oak tree for me to photograph it, just to rub it in, it settled right next to another one! I carried on searching, putting up at least 4 Brown Hawkers in the process, none of which wanted their photo taken! It was while sneaking up on a Common Darter that I put up another Southern Hawker, which I watched until it settled in amongst some Brambles, I got as near as I could to it, but the Brambles were in the way really, so I only got a distant shot. Hopefully a nice posing one will oblige this week  :-)

On the way home I saw one of the KESTRELS hunting over the Ashes Lane Fields.

Immature Southern Hawker

This is how I want the Hawkers to pose!!

Female Common Darter


Wilma said...

It's only rewarding if there is a challenge, Warren! Great shots.

Warren Baker said...

Very true Wilma :-)