Monday, 10 August 2015

Despite the heavy cloud cover this morning, it felt very warm in the windless humid air.

I spent the whole of the four hour visit today walking the Pub Field, the Ashes lane Fields and a double circuit of Migrant Alley, with an hours sky watching there also. I was hoping for a passage ''chat'' or Wagtail to turn up, as they often do during August, but there was no sign of any, in fact it was all once again very still and quiet, the only birds breaking the silence were the lazy, slow calls of WOODPIGEONS, the 'huet' of the CHIFFCHAFF , the yaffle of GREEN WOODPECKERS and the 'Caw' of ROOKS, much as yesterday!

I twice saw a HOBBY fly low over, probably the same individual, plus a couple of BUZZARDS were seen soaring up high, just one KESTREL was at the Greenhouse Grounds, where a single WHITEHROAT and a BLACKCAP were also seen, there was also a good showing of GOLDFINCHES on the thistle heads there, I counted 28. Species of the day goes to the SAND MARTINS (60), 18 of which flew over Migrant Alley, bringing up the 60th species of the month, at least something has decided to move south! The only other noteworthy sighting was of 11 LONG TAILED TITS that were seen moving along the frontage of the Greenhouse Grounds / Ashes Lane.

I'll probably make time for an evening visit of Migrant Alley later, just in case something flies over or has dropped in   :-)

Nothing for the camera today, in the poor morning light, so i'll post some more dragonfly images that were taken at Thursley on Saturday.

No apologies for showing the Black Darter again, as it was a 'lifer' species for me  :-)

Small Red Damselfly

Plenty of these Emerald Damselflies were about, a rare sight for me

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