Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I finished off yesterdays post wondering what would the 70th bird species of August be, well I didn't have to wait long, as I was awoken in the night by the ''ke-wick'' call of a TAWNY OWL (70) at 01:30hrs, I got up to the window to have a listen, just to confirm I didn't dream it!

It remained overcast all day today, with a moderate southerly wind, making it feel cooler than of late.

An early walk around Migrant Alley, the Pub Field, the Ashes Lane Fields and a look through the Greenhouse Grounds proved to be a very quiet affair. A Couple of WHITETHROATS were seen in both the Ashes Lane Fields and the Greenhouse Grounds, the latter had the 50+ GOLDFINCH flock feeding on the thistles again, plus a CHIFFCHAFF and and a couple of BLACKCAPS were also noted there.

The Broad Bean crop at Bustard Hill, adjacent to High High Lane, was being havested and the stems chopped, which brought in a procession of HERRING GULLS, plus a few BLACK HEADED GULLS and LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS.

A short walk through the Wet Woods and Scrubby Woods, with a look over the lakes, was similarly hard going, just the female MANDARIN DUCK and 5 CANADA GEESE were noteworthy on the lakes, with the woods providing all the that could be expected, although mostly in very small numbers, 2 GOLDCREST, 1 TREECREEPER, 1 COAL TIT, a gang of LONG TAILED TITS, 2 NUTHATCH, 2 BULLFINCH, 1 CHIFFCHAFF, 9 BLACKCAPS, 1 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, 4 GREEN WOODPECKERS, a calling STOCK DOVE plus a couple of screeching JAYS were about the best of it.

I decided on a sky watch back over on my seat at Migrant Alley, the low cloud and moderate breeze seemed to bode well for a few flyovers. I got there via the Ashes Lane Fields, where I was surprised by a WHEATEAR that flew up a few yards in front of me, that wasn't there earlier, cheered my visit up no end though  :-)

My two hour sky watch was the best part of the visit today, with notable flyovers from ;  a skein of 26 GREYLAG GEESE, 1 CORMORANT, 1 GREY HERON, 4 HOUSE MARTIN, and 3 SWIFTS, plus 4 raptor species, those being a single KESTREL, a party of 3 soaring BUZZARDS, a pair of SPARROWHAWKS and the star bird......another OSPREY!  This one flew a little lower than the last, but my camera was not to hand given the poor light, maybe I should have taken it out after all, just to get the record shot!


Marc Heath said...

If iv'e told you once, iv'e told you a hundred times, take your camera out with you, you never know when you will need it. Hope it showed really well and flew over your head and hovered. A kick up the arse for todays decision.

Warren Baker said...

I normally do take it honest! It was just so dull out there today :-) My arse has been duly kicked now LoL

Pete Woodruff said...

Good advice from Marc re going out without your camera, same with me with no telescope, like going out without your pants on Warren.