Friday, 16 October 2015

A constant drizzle, under lead grey skies and a cold Northerly wind made for an uninspiring patch visit this morning.

As could be expected in the conditions, passerine birds were mostly in cover and out of view, but a few bits of note were still winkled out. I was surprised to see 7 SWALLOWS drop down from the gloom to feed around the sheep at Migrant Alley, where a couple of MEADOW PIPITS were also seen. On one of the paddocks there were 45 HERRING GULLS, of mixed ages, resting up out of the wind.

A CHIFFCHAFF called, but went unseen at the Greenhouse Grounds, where fewer SISKINS and GOLDFINCHES than recent days fed in the Adlers and on the thistles.

A group of 9 REDWINGS dropped into the Scrubby Woods, while on the main lake the 5 MANDARIN DUCKS were present again. A GREY WAGTAIL was on one of the out buildings adjacent to the lakes.

My return to Migrant Alley for a very chilly sky watch, did at least provide me with one of the species I mentioned in yesterdays post as a possible October addition, a PEREGRINE FALCON (67). I watched as a female chased a WOODPIGEON across Migrant Alley, it took the occasional tuft of feathers off the pigeon as they raced across the gloomy sky, but how the chase ended went unrecorded as they dropped behind the tree line. Just a few more Herring Gulls, BLACK HEADED GULLS and SKYLARKS were the other notable flyovers seen.

I'm running out of images now in all this poor weather, just a few from my garden to show now  ;-(

COLLARED DOVE there were 15 in my garden this afternoon, only briefly though, as the Sprawk soon flushed them off!



Derek Faulkner said...

You was lucky with your weather today, here on Sheppey we've had about 8hrs non-stop moderate to heavy drizzle and sky watching would of seen you soaked.

Warren Baker said...

More on the way too, I might just stay in bed tomorrow!

Wilma said...

In the last 48 hours we have had 6.7 inches of rain. The sun finally made an appearance for about 30 min this afternoon, but clouds are rolling in. Probably get more rain over night. The siskin is lovely, so sharp looking with that yellow.

Derek Faulkner said...

Blimey Wilma, that's real rain, fortunately we rarely get anything like that, but I guess you need it to top up your water supply.

Warren Baker said...

And I thought we had lots of rain!!

Phil Barnett said...

Who would have thought it - better weather up north!

Warren Baker said...