Sunday, 4 October 2015

The fog was much lighter this morning, thinning quickly to leave some good sunny spells.

Just after sunrise

I undertook a five hour full patch walk this morning, finding a total of 43 bird species, which is bang on average for a full patch walk. Most of what was seen was pretty average too, with no new species found for the October list, best sightings were a GREY WAGTAIL that flew into the Greenhouse Grounds, where the female KESTREL was at the nest box, a LESSER REDPOLL that flew over Migrant Alley, a LITTLE OWL that called from the Small Holding and what might prove to be my last SWALLOW of the year flying over the Ashes Lane Fields.


The SISKINS and GOLDFINCHES continue to feed in the Alders at the Greenhouse Grounds, half a dozen MEADOW PIPITS remain on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, and the many hundreds of GREYLAG / CANADA GEESE continue their morning commute southwards. A GREY HERON was the only bird of interest on the lakes, plus a CHIFFCHAFF was seen in the Scrubby Woods, the only one found today. It was a bit of a mystery why no Buzzards were seen today though, maybe they got lost in the fog!

I took a few Meadow Pipit photo's this morning, I can save those for a future post, as the weather looks to be on the turn tomorrow, not good for photography  :-(


Marc Heath said...

A cracking day today weather wise. Just in time for the rain to come when i'm at work. A good total today.

Warren Baker said...

Yes Marc,
Rain on its way, was a good spell of photography weather though :-)