Saturday, 3 October 2015

The fog was so dense this morning that there was little chance of seeing much on my patch, so after a leisurely breakfast I headed off to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, hoping that it would be less foggy there, but it was just as bad, the fog barely lifted at all until gone midday.

I spent most of the time I was there chatting to various birders / photographers in the hides, I took a couple of photo's from time to time but the light was poor, and subjects were few!

This Shoveler Duck dropped in for a few minutes

A species I might just get on my patch this winter, if i'm really fortunate!

There were a few Tufted Duck about, they stayed a bit distant, spending the whole morning preening and dozing.

Tufted Duck

That was my lot for the day, typically, as I left around 14;00 hours the sun started to appear!

Whilst on the subject of S.W.R, I may as well post up the images from a previous visit  ................



Great Crested Grebe

Egyptian Goose

Tomorrow looks like being another foggy one, lets hope it isn't as bad as this morning and clears quicker too!


Marc Heath said...

Some nice lighting on those shots Warren. Pretty foggy here till about 11ish but i did find quite a good dragonfly species.

Wilma said...

A smorgasbord of swimming birds! Great detail. Shovelers fascinate me.