Friday, 30 October 2015

Moderate rain fell this morning, but it was windless and warm for the time of year.

I had just a couple of hours to spare this morning, as  a busy day lie ahead, but in the very dark and wet conditions I was barely out for an hour. I visited the lakes, in the hope of something new for the October list, maybe a Coot or Tufted Duck had dropped in, but no luck, just 14 MALLARD and 4 MOORHEN were on the ornamental lake, along with a visiting GREY HERON and a KINGFISHER, the small lake and main lake were totally birdless  :-(

A look around the Scrubby Woods had me scanning through a LONG TAILED TIT flock, which had with it 2 GOLDCRESTS, 2 TREECREEPERS and a few BLUE and GREAT TITS, I suppose a Firecrest would have been a bit optimistic!

On my trudge back home across the very wet pasture at the Ashes Lane Field, a MEADOW PIPIT flew up and a few BLACK HEADED GULLS were noted flying over, but I had had enough of the rain by then, so headed off home !

Maybe the last visit of the month tomorrow will throw up a new species for the October list, it is still 2 species short of the mean average total for the previous 5 Octobers, but the overall mean average October tally for the 14 years is 67, so i'm well ahead of that at least, with this months total of 72.

These images are the last I left in the 'Blog photo folder'

The Blue Tits are just about the only species in my garden quick enough to evade the Sparrowhawk    ( usually!)

Looking at the weather ahead I could well struggle to get more images  :-(


Marc Heath said...

Just love Blue Tits, the colours are superb. Nicely captured to show this off well.

Warren Baker said...

Each one is a different character :-)