Thursday, 22 October 2015

Just a brief flash of sunshine was had this morning, before heavy cloud cover ''gloomed'' things up for the rest of the day.

View of the Autumnal leaves across Migrant Alley

It remained dry and virtually windless, so I undertook a full patch walk, finding 43 species in the 4 and a half hour visit, which is just about average. Nothing new for the months list was found, but most every bird species that lives on my patch was, apart from a Stock Dove and the Owl species.

Highlights of the day were not very 'high' the SISKIN / GOLDFINCH / LESSER REDPOLL flock were again at the Greenhouse Grounds, the female KESTREL looking after them all  :-)  A BUZZARD was on one of the fence rails at Migrant Alley and 2 more were seen soaring over the area later in the walk.

A YELLOWHAMMER flew over the sheep pasture, plus 4 PHEASANTS were a peak count for the month, they were seen in the above paddock with the horse in. A few MEADOW PIPITS were on the Ashes Lane Fields, which were overflown by REDWING and SKYLARK in small flocks of half a dozen or so.

Nothing of note was found on the lakes, I have hopes of a Coot turning up before the end of the month though!

As I said, most of the regular and semi regular species were found during the visit, I just need something a bit different to shake things up a bit here  ;-)

Blog brighteners from my garden again...................

Greenfinch yesterday, CHAFFINCH today  :-)

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Marc Heath said...

An underrated bird Warren I think and in the right light, superb to look at and photograph. You have done it justice here I think.