Sunday, 17 January 2016

A sprinkling of soggy snow greeted me this morning

The more wintry conditions raised my hopes of finding a Snipe or Woodcock for the year list, by my 3 and a half hour walk this morning proved disappointing in that respect.

The snow soon thawed leaving a slushy muddy walk

During the visit, I found 6 species that didn't get recorded on yesterdays full patch walk - typical! They were; flyovers from GREY WAGTAIL and SKYLARK, 2 MEADOW PIPITS that were back on the Ashes Lane Fields, a MISTLETHRUSH that sang from the Wet Woods, 4 LESSER REDPOLL that were at the Greenhouse Grounds, in with a dozen SISKIN, and lastly, a GREY HERON that was lurking around the edge of the main lake, the only part of the lake that was ice free, it wasn't the only thing lurking, as there was a guy with an air rifle walking the the boundary hedge the divides the main lake from the adjacent fields, this always makes me nervous, as you never know where there fall of shot will end up.

Not much else to report out here, the snowy fields of Migrant Alley had 40-50 BLACK HEADED GULLS on them, along with the MEDITERRANEAN GULL, that was until a BUZZARD flew low over, I have never seen a Buzzard fly over a snowy field, the reflective light on the underwing made the whites stand out, the whole bird looked much more contrasty - very nice  :-)

The female Kestrel was missing for the second day, but the SPARROWHAWK was seen at my garden feeders later in the day, along with 16 other species, including SONGTHRUSH, NUTHATCH, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, GOLDCRST, COAL TIT and a dozen Lesser Redpolls.

None of these House sparrows were present at my feeders today though, this image was taken a few days back, the only one to visit my garden this year!

STARLING numbers are up though, peaking at 14 today


Marc Heath said...

I do love a bit of snow. None down this way in east Kent. Nicely captured House Sparrow shot Warren. They are rather nice when you study them.

Warren Baker said...

I like bit of wintery weather too, it's all a bit half hearted at he moment though! I wish I had a few more of the Sparrows here to photograph, not a common species here anymore :-(

Derek Faulkner said...

Lucky you with the snow, always makes a nice photo. We had no frost or snow on Sheppey, just cold, grey skies.
Just got back from the latest harrier roost count which involved standing on the sea wall until it's dark and then making my way back across a part flooded marsh in the dark, but I managed 2 male Hen Harriers going in to roost.

Warren Baker said...

2 Harriers, Worth the waiting and the dark walk back though Derek id say.

Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent images of the Starling, great stuff Warren. The snow only has the one looks nice.

Warren Baker said...

Yea, the snow is ok, it has it's novelty value !

Gravel Pit Birder said...

wow....that female starling is in breeding plummage and ready to go Warren....!