Monday, 4 January 2016

Heavy showers fell this morning, but the occasional glimpse of sunshine was also had, during which it felt warm and springlike.

My second full patch walk of the year yielded a lower than expected total of 41 bird species, with the likes of Greenfinch, Coal Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Tree Creeper, Redwing, Stock Dove and Siskin all going unrecorded, when they are probably out there somewhere, I must try harder!

On the plus side, I added three new species to the Year/month list, with a LITTLE EGRET (52) that flew over the Ashes Lane Fields, and both KINGFISHER (53) and GREY HERON (54) at the lakes, where there were also 3 GOOSANDER present, 2 males and a female, very nice  :-)

An excellent gull species count was had, with a repetition of what was seen on the 1st, with BLACK HEADED GULL, HERRING GULL, COMMON GULL, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and MEDITERRANEAN GULL all being seen out on the sheep pasture and paddocks of Migrant Alley.

The female KESTREL was the only raptor seen today as she hunted at the Greenhouse Grounds and the only winter thrush recorded was a lone FIELDFARE at the Small Holding area.

Not a bad visit overall then, the 3 new species for the year takes me precisely half way to the target I have made for 2016, which is set by the average number of species seen in the previous 5 years, that's 108, that will take some doing I think !

Just a couple of rushed images today, taken in the short bit of I light had to work with late morning.

The LESSER REDPOLLS continue to visit my garden feeding station, up to a dozen are regular now.

Three ROBINS together were unusual, they normally keep themselves to themselves at this time of year  :-)


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Cracking Redpoll pic again Warren, just checked my records and it appears I only saw them once last year, can you believe that!



Marc Heath said...

Ticking along nicely Warren. I have started to watch a small patch at Nethergong. My target on this small patch being 100 species. Hopefully a few blog posts soon.