Tuesday, 2 February 2016

It was grey and rainy for the first half of the day, but by 11:30hrs it cheered up and some sunshine was had for the afternoon.

A view of the houses at Pittswood, from the Ashes Lane Fields, taken in the afternoon sunshine.

A couple of hours out in the rain early on this morning proved profitable for the year and months lists, with both winter thrush species being found on the Ashes Lane Fields, around 30 REDWINGS (47) and 10 FIELDFARES (48) had turned up, the first this month:-)

At the lakes, a pair of MANDARIN DUCKS (65,49) were seen resting under the trees overhanging the main lake, a species I thought I'd get in January, but their appearance on the year list is as just as welcome in February. Only CANADA GEESE, of which there were 8, MALLARDS, of which there were 4 and MOORHENS of which there were at least 6, were the other birds seen on the water.

More excitement was had for me later in the walk when I flushed up the first SNIPE (66, 50) of the year, one of those species that can easily not get on my year list at all, it was in the long grass at the boundary hedgerow that divides the Greenhouse Grounds from Migrant Alley, where, out among the HERRING GULLS, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS and BLACK HEADED GULLS, I found 5 COMMON GULLS (51), a good number for my patch, as well as being a good species to get on the February list  :-)

Flyovers from SISKIN, REDPOLL and YELLOWHAMMER were also noted, as was a BUZZARD which was the only raptor seen today.

Once the sun started to shine later in the morning, I was tempted to take my camera out, I headed for the Wet Woods to try and get some GOLDCREST or TREECREEPER images that I had seen earlier, but had no luck with the latter and only limited success with the former...............

Goldcrest in the Wet Woods, what I call a ''nearly'' shot

As I walked the sunny side of the Wet Woods I found my first Butterfly of the year.............

A Red Admiral, spring is definitely on the doorstep! It's not in too bad a condition either, considering it has overwintered  :-)

I also attempted to get a Fieldfare image at the Ashes Lane Fields, but couldn't really get close enough to them, in this shot the sun was shining brightly.........

In this shot the sun had gone in, not sure what one I prefer. I also had to quite heavily crop the images, not too bad though  :-)

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