Friday, 19 February 2016

There was a hard frost this morning, but the sun shone in a clear blue sky, making it feel very pleasant, however by mid afternoon cloud rolled in and showers fell.

I had the pleasant company of fellow birders / photographers, Moi and John Hicks for my patch visit today. I showed them round various parts of my patch, first off, the Ashes Lane Fields were visited, where hundreds of FIELDFARE and STARLING were watched on the pasture, but very few REDWINGS were seen among them.

A BUZZARD was picked out as we approached Migrant Alley, then out on the sheep pasture and paddocks we came across the large BLACK HEADED GULL flock, but only a COMMON GULL was picked out among them. A few images were taken of the SISKINS as we passed the Greenhouse Grounds, where we saw both the male and female KESTRELS up on the Greenhouses, at one point mating was observed.

Heading over to the lakes via the Small Holding, SKYLARK was heard singing up high and a YELLOWHAMMER called as it flew over. The Wet Woods had a few GOLDCRESTS and a singing COAL TIT, plus NUTHATCH and TREECREEPER were heard.

There were patches of thin ice on the lakes, but the highlight of the day (for me at least) was seen on the main lake - a drake TEAL (68,62) - at last the year list gets incremented! There was also a CANADA GOOSE and a few MALLARDS on the main lake, plus the MUTE SWAN pair and the COOT remain on the ornamental lake, just a few MOORHENS were on the small lake.

We made our way back home shortly after, as I had promised Moi a photographic session with the birds at my garden feeders, where both she and John filled their boots with LESSER REDPOLL, Siskin, and Nuthatch images  :-)

Here's a few of my garden bird efforts taken later in the day  :-)

Female Siskin

Long Tailed Tit



Johnnykinson said...

It must be getting a bit crowded around there with all these visitors. They never got to see the Beautiful Dems tho' !!
More cracking pics i see.

Noushka said...

Hi Warren,
I can hardly believe you haven't had Bramblings in your garden so far!
I have see only here but with this warming up, I supposed they had remained much in the north.... Where are they??!!
I am having plenty of Siskins just now, gorgeous little fellows, small but oh so aggressive towards other species!!
And believe it or not, I NEVER got the Long tailed tit at my feeder... when I manage some pics, it is always by pure chance :(
Your shots are great, so sharp!
Enjoy your weekend and keep well :)

Warren Baker said...

Hi John,
Beautiful Dems will be on someone elses 'must see list' i'm sure, :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for visiting Noushka.
Bramblings are never very common here, I only get one or two a year at most! It all depends on the weather further North :-)

Moi said...

Brilliant morning, thanks for showing us around.