Sunday, 27 March 2016

After overnight rain, heavy showers blew through the region this morning on a strong SW wind.

Once again just a short 2 hour patch visit was made today, some of that was spent in the shelter of the polytunnels at the greenhouse grounds as heavy thundery showers blew through.

I got a circuit of Migrant Alley done though, where I am still hoping a Wheatear will turn up for the March list, but I was to be disappointed again, there were still a few FIELDFARE and REDWINGS out on the sheep pasture though among the BLACK HEADED GULLS, which were fewer in number today, just 30-40 were seen, with them were a few HERRING GULLS and 2 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS.

Flyovers from a pair of GREYLAG GEESE, a GREY HERON, plus a few passage MEADOW PIPITS were noted. I had a final scan of the fence lines, where a BUZZARD sat preening, how did that sneak there without me seeing it ?

A look around the Greenhouse Grounds provided nice views of a male BULLFINCH, plus the KESTREL pair sat together calling quietly to one another. It was good to hear both LINNET and GREENFINCH singing, despite the gusty wind and rain.

Looks like no patch visit will be possible tomorrow, what with storm ''Kate'' due in for the morning, and a family visit planned for the afternoon, but i'll see how bad the wind and rain is  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Batten down the hatches. Its going to be a big blow in the morning. Might blow a few birds inland.

Warren Baker said...

I'll try and get back for an afternoon patch visit, just in case something does blow in ;-)

Gravel Pit Birder said...

So much being reported along the south coast and inland as far as Heathfield....might have to head south myself to see what i can find....Rye and Dunge me thinks...though will that mean i miss a Blackcap arrival at Whetsted.....tum-te-tum....anything your way yet Warren?