Saturday, 12 March 2016

Dense fog once again cloaked the area, not clearing until 10:30hrs, however once the fog cleared it became sunny and springlike this afternoon.

In the poor visibility early on, only very limited birding could be done, however, a visit to the lakes proved very worthwhile when three TUFTED DUCKS (69,58) flew onto the main lake, two being females, something to keep the years patch list ticking over until the spring migrants arrive!

I was surprised to see so many FIELDFARES on the Ashes Lane Fields, at least 100 were scattered widely over the largest field, with them were a few REDWING and around 40 STARLINGS, as I was assessing the numbers, a MANDARIN DUCK flew low over calling.

No visit was made to Migrant Alley, there was no point with all that fog early on, then later in the morning the fields were used as a car park by Hadlow College for their lambing weekend event, this will also be the case tomorrow, when hopefully there will be no fog so I can get round early and avoid the masses  :-)

In the sunshine early this afternoon I took some images in my garden, whilst doing so, a couple of BUZZARDS flew low over towards the Wet Woods.

It was warm enough by mid day for a few Honey Bees to be visiting my crocus' exactly what I planted them for  :-)

The LONG TAILED TITS were coming in to feed on the suet, flying around the garden even though I was out there, just feet from me, as were the SISKIN and LESSER REDPOLLS, which have become very trusting of my presence.

Even the grab-and-dash COAL TITS are almost tame  :-)


Pete Woodruff said...

Honey Bees and Crocus's, the perfect match. And the description of the Coal Tit as a 'grab and dash' merchant is spot on Warren, I luv'em.

Wilma said...

Fantastic shot of the bee in the crocus flower.

Warren Baker said...

It's nice to get some photo's of other wildlife now the spring is here :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Wilma - spring is blooming now :-)