Friday 28 December 2007

I didn't leave for todays walk round until 8:30, and this is probably the reason for the slightly lower tally of 39 species that I recorded. There was a highlight though, as a LITTLE EGRET flew up from the stream behind Hadlow College. This species brings the months total to 60, an all time high for December. The Little Egret was the 4th recorded on my patch this year, and only the 5th ever, and also has the distinction of being the first to touch down! I could do with this species on next years list.
Above, Is The Unlikely Location That The Green Sandpiper Was Discovered Last Week
Some Of The Manure Piles At ''Migrant Alley'' Ready For Spreading In March/April


Steve said...

well done with the Little Egret Warren. Interesting to see your habitat pictures - amazing that Green sandpipers can turn up anywhere isn't it.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Steve,
I sometimes think I spend so much time on my patch that its inevitable that ''displaced'' will birds show up! how's your siskin hunt coming on ?

Simon said...

Warren, congrats with the Little Egret. Your sighting of the Green Sandpiper in the unlikely place gives me hope of finding 1 on my patch. Green Sands seem to be 1 of my patch 'bogey birds'. I tend to get lots of Common Sands during migration, but not Greens.