Sunday 23 December 2007

The Enemy Lurks!!

It was clear and frosty this morning, but the mist and low cloud rolled in about 11.00am. In direct contrast to yesterdays dire visit, today was a real cracker. 47 species were recorded. 96 LAPWING fed/rested on pasture and autumn sewn cereal fields, along with 34 BLACK HEADED GULL. An orchard along cuckoo lane held a large number of FIELDFARE and REDWING, as well as at least 34 SISKIN. The main excitement for the visit was provided by a SNIPE, which flew from the stream behind hadlow college, swifly followed by a KINGFISHER. The snipe was only the 3rd sighting this year, but it is not seen every year, so it was a good addition to this months list. Even this sighting was put into the shade somewhat by the next bird on the list - a GREEN SANDPIPER, only the fourth for my patch, and the first since Feb. 2004, this flew from a drainage ditch, right alongside the road going through the college, quite a remarkable place to find one. This species now takes the yearly total to 98, equal to last year, these two years have the highest species total of the 6 years recording. The months total is now on 59 also a joint high with last year.

Early Frost


Steve said...

Fantastic news about the Green Sand Warren....a few more days to get your 100 for the year. You do fantastically well on your patch. I don't really count my sightings up (may do next year) but doubt I am much more than 90 or so

Warren Baker said...

I used to live in leybourne, and frequented the lakes,. I think a fair target for the area would be 120-125 for the year. All you have to do is find 'em!!
Do you enter all your sightings into the bto birdtrack website? Once registered it does all the work for you - your personal list, visit dates, search tool and a lot more.