Friday, 20 February 2009

The patch visit this morning was again done in dull damp conditions, and not much change from yesterday had occurred overnight. Again 45 species were recorded, but none new for the month or year list. The visit wasn't very inspiring, so i'll waffle on about my stats!!

It's getting near that time of year now when everything gets 'samey' the winter visitors are slowly leaving, (only a handful of REDWING and FIELDFARE were seen today, and just 2 SISKIN), and with another 3 or 4 weeks until the first spring migrants appear it gets difficult to find the inspiration to keep up the regular walks - but I'll find it from somewhwere! That's when all my personal challenges of trying to beat the daily or monthly record totals of previous years keeps me going.

I was looking back at my records for last year, to see how I was doing in comparison, being that 2008 holds the record species list 0f 106. At the end of February '08 I had a year list of 72, so I'm one behind, by the end of march I had only increased the total to 76, so I reckon I can keep pace - at least till then! Last year by the end of feb. I had seen 6 species that I have not recorded yet this year - Little Grebe, Little Egret, mute swan, mandarin Duck, Goosander and Coot, so there's hope of finding another new species for this february yet! However this year I have seen 9 species that hadn't appeared by this time last year - Red Legged partridge, Golden Plover, Common Snipe,Woodcock, Barn Owl, Tawny owl, Little Owl, Firecrest, and Lesser Redpoll, all of which were eventually seen, apart from the Woodcock. So maybe I'm a bit ahead ?

sorry there's no pics today, poor light and not much posing by birds is to blame!
Ten minutes after posting today, a Grey heron flew over my house, a new one for the Feb. Garden bird Count!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
That Coot keeps cropping up .
Sorry about copying your Robin from yesterday , but I just couldn't resist it .

Warren Baker said...

Ive seen more woodcocks this year than coots in the last 7!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same, Warren. But we just have to keep plugging away. Better to go and confirm nothing, than not go and not know.

lee said...

Hi Warren, its no good worrying about your stats, just enjoy it, what you see your see. study what you see and enjoy it. Last week i saw a g.c. grebe come up to the surface with a Jack Pike a good 10inches long, it struggled a bit but it managed to swallow it. Its moments like that that makes birding very special.I think what im saying is its good to try and beat your last years records, but dont let it ruin it. have fun.

Kelly said... stats are amazing to me. Luckily, I'm still easily entertained by the regular cuties and the herons!

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Nice to get the Grey Heron on your garden list.I agree with our felow Bloggers. It is better go get out as much as possible, even if it is to capture that one special moment.
have a good weekend.

Kathie Brown said...

Isn't that always the way it is with birds! Put down your camera and bins and they'll be right over! I also want to say welcome to the Sycamore Canyon flock! It is so nice to have you along for the journey!