Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Well what a baron visit ! I did the usual 2 hour afternoon walk today, ashes lane, the small holding, wet woods, tree nursery and migrant alley, but the only thing of any note was a flyover CORMORANT, it flew over the lake, thought about alighting on the water, but flew off again! I spoke to a dog walker along the footpath that leads from the lake to the woods, and he described flushing up a brown bird, a bit smaller than a partridge, I told him it was probably a woodcock. At least he got to see something today! Migrant alley did have 77 JACKDAWS feeding on the manured maize stubbles, - yes I had nothing else to do but count Jackdaws, and where have all the Redwing and Fieldfare gone to, surely not gone north already ? Really, it was a poor afternoon. I didn't even take my camera, as the light was so bad. Oh, and the excitement from yesterday - The Coot, it's gone! No doubt the Oxon Hoath birder has Coot-knapped it back!! Lets hope things pick up soon.


Ken. said...

Hi Warren
Sorry you had such a bad day. I know what you mean about the winter thrushes. There are none around in Halling, well none that I have seen of heard. I hope tomorrow is abetter day for you.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Did you look under the water for the Coot .
It probably got water logged and slipped under the surface .

Oxonhoath Birds said...

There's a Coot-Knapper amongst us.Mine has disappeared as well.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Well it dies happen sometime, but at least you walked and that's good for the health :-) Tomorrow will be another day mate

Steve said...

Coots are all at Dunge. Warren. At least you got out in the air.

EP Andy said...

Hi Warren

First time I've posted on your site, but am an avid daily reader as I live in East Peckham. Regularly bird around my patch in the village but it does make me laugh that everyone is getting so excited about THE Coot. A bird that if we were out birding anywhere else it probably wouldn't get a second glance.

Anyway bet it's one my birds of our gravel pits.

Warren Baker said...

Hello Andy,
Glad you enjoy the blog. THE Coot is just a bit of fun. Your right though, anyone anywhere can go and find a coot, there that common, but the fun of having a patch, with defined borders, is that even common birds can have a ''rare'' status!