Friday, 2 July 2010

It was another scorcher today, and with a bit of a breeze it felt like standing in front of a hair dryer! I decided it would be better to go over to the lake and scrub area rather than the open fields so as to get sme shade.

There wasn't much to attract my attention as I walked through the wet woods, but as I neared the lake i picked up two new species for July, a BULLFINCH (42) calling from the dense brambles, and a whole family of CANADA GEESE (43) that were on the water.

I spent a couple of hours wandering around the area, and managed just two more new species for the month, those being TREECREEPER (44) and NUTHATCH (45). A Comma Butterfly was also seen, my first for a couple of months.

I found this Juv. JAY sitting quietly, waiting to be fed, another for the confimed breeding list.
Also, as I picked my way the nettles, I stumbled upon this little chap. A right little baby killer if ever I saw one, I took my photo's and made a quick exit before he could savage me :-)

Just look at the intent in those eyes :-)

Once I was sure I had made good my escape, I carried on my bussiness, below is the Comma Butterfly. I had a good look at the Oak trees for Purple hairstreaks, but none were found - maybe a bit later.

As I made my way out of the scrub and passed the lake, I saw this MOORHEN, well away from the safety of the water - look out mate there's a huge, big vicious animal in there with dripping fangs!

Luckily this family of Canada Geese were safe out on the water

I walked home through the tree nursery, and had a spell of Skywatching. The hoped for KESTREL (46) flew over, but little else, just a few HERRING GULL and 4 BLACK HEADED GULL.
So just 5 new species to add to July, but another was on the cards when I got home. I went to the kitchen to get a drink, and in doing so flushed up all the COLLARED DOVES from around the garden feeders, and what was with them ? A TURTLE DOVE (47) no less! Only the 3rd recorded in my garden in 10 years :-)


Chris said...

Wow that little red fellow is beautiful! Like you said look at his eyes! Cute, sweet but I guess he would have easily eaten a Birding Warren ;-)
Well done on the Moorhen shot, it is very nice...
I love when you say that you did not see anything really interesting as all these species are not present over here ;-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
So how do you know about hair dryers then , something to share with us ?
Great Fox shots .

Warren Baker said...

Greenie, I confess to having a full head of hair ......once!

Phil and Mandy said...

you have some lovely shots there warren, baby jay one especially, never seen a baby one before!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Warren. I`ve all on seeing a Fox, never mind photographing one.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos of the foxes. My favorite is of the Moorhen! Cool shot!

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful photos of the sweet little fox, so glad it didn't savage you :) are you and I being ever so slightly cynical about something Warren?

A Turtle Dove in the garden! As Phil and I know they are only a myth you must have imagined it :)

Sharon said...

Love the fox shot - you had a lucky escape there ;-)

Kerry said...

Cracking shots of the fox.

All that hysteria about foxes on the news made me want to scream. The anti-fox brigade just love something like that to get their teeth into. :-(