Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This afternoon was hot and sunny, without a breath of wind, now this is what it should of been like in July! However, it's not the sort of weather that is going to bring me any passage birds, unless the wind picks up a bit, in fact today I can tell you what I saw of any note, in  just one sentence - A KESTREL, A SPARROWHAWK, 22 LINNETS, and 3 MEADOW PIPITS. Very little indeed for a two hour hot and tiring visit, around Migrant Alley, the Tree Nursery, the Pub Field and the Greenhouse Complex.

I sat for for a while under the shade of a tree by the now quickly evaporating run off pool in the Tree Nursery, which gave me some good views of some Dragonflies, namely Common Darter and Migrant Hawker, on reflection, I think I should have stayed there   :-) 

This hot and sunny weather is here to stay right up into the weekend, so it's going to be a real challenge adding anything to the months list, I might just change my walks to the evening for the last two days left in September!

Common Darter

View across Migrant Alley - Looking SE

There was little about today, I resorted to photographing flies on Bulrushes!

Fly on a Bulrush


Chris said...

Just like here Warren. Now we have to wait for depression to bring us something ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nothing doing up here as well, Warren.

Pete Woodruff said...

As you have said....trouble staying awake Warren.

Jason K said...

It comes to something when you have to resort to photographing flies on bullrushes Warren. Mind you things are dead over this way too!

Tim James said...

Love the eyes on the Common Darter Warren. So cool.