Friday 16 May 2014

I had limited time for a patch visit this morning, as I was heading off out with the missus for a trip to Sissinghurst castle later.

I used the couple of hours I had, to visit the Wet Woods, Scrubby Woods and Lakes, where I had hoped to hear either garden Warbler or Turtle Dove for my patch year list, but it seems they wont be breeding here this year, a sad loss. I may pick them up on the Autumn migration as they pass back through, but its not the same as having them singing here in the springtime.

My run of recent good fortune came to an end this morning, no new species were added to the months or year list, and no new species were added to this years 'Successfully Bred' list, but evidence is all around that fledglings will be seen soon, COAL TIT, BLUE TIT, WREN, NUTHATCH, and TREECREEPER were all seen carrying food, plus the ROBINS, GREAT TITS, LONG TAILED TITS and BLACKBIRDS were continuing to feed their already fledged offspring. The COOTS still have thier two young, but the MUTE SWANS haven't hatched any out yet.

A CUCKOO called as it flew over the Scrubby Woods and the ever faithful TAWNY OWL hooted again. BLACKCAPS and CHIFFCHAFFS have gone a bit quiet, they must have young due very soon too.

A short but enjoyable visit today then, tomorrow I'm off to Dungeness for the day, so the next patch visit will be Sunday, i'll probably have some images from dunge to post tomorrow though.

Here's a misx of images from my patch walk this morning and my visit to sissinghurst, which was heaving with Dragons and Damsels..........but unfortunately people too!
This Great Tit was busy foraging for its nestlings
Great Tit
A SONGTHRUSH was the best performer by far this morning
What a great sound it has  :-)
Then over at Sissinghurst, where I had views of a Spotted Flycatcher, I was spoilt for choice with Odonata, most of which was out of camera reach on the ponds, but I got a few shots of this pair of Large Red Damsels while the wife wasn't looking  :-)
Large Red Damsels were everywhere!
I attempted some shots of Downy Emerald Dragonflies in flight, but wasn't too successful, they were too far away really and Ive had to harshly crop these images. fun trying anyway! Thanks to Mr Heath for Idebtifying this species for e, a lifer dragonfly for me!
Downy Emerald

I even came across one of my favourite Butterflies, a Green Hairstreak, it was a bit tatty, but what a lovely little flutter species they are :-) Ive only ever had this species on my patch once, what a great place for wildlife sissinghurst is  :-)
Green Hairstreak


Wilma said...

Quite a colorful selection today, and all are lovely.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Wilma,
The lovely sunshine we had today really brings out the colours :-)

Marc Heath said...

Your Hairy Dragonfly in flight Warren is a Downy Emerald, a Sissinghurst special I believe. A great set today Warren, nice one. I had some success too today, I will let you take a look.

Subbuteo said...

I've seen Downy Emerald in previous years on the College grounds just E of your patch Warren, so I'm very pleased you've come across it as well, I hope there might be a few about here! David

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for the correction Marc, that will teach me to look a bit closer at my subjects in future :-)

Warren Baker said...

The way the college grounds are going, there wont be a lot left at all soon!