Monday 21 July 2014

It was mostly cloudy this morning, with just a few brighter intervals. My patch visit was very different to yesterday, where birds were a plenty, but this morning they had all seemingly dispersed!

I couldn't find a Blackcap at the Greenhouse Grounds and only one CHIFFCHAFF was seen there, but a family of WHITETHROATS did show up, very few WRENS, ROBINS, DUNNOCKS, PIED WAGTAILS and BLACKBIRDS were about, maybe it was due to the KESTREL pair sitting up on the Greenhouse roofs.

An Early sky watch produced HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, and the bonus of seeing a LAPWING go over, plus a couple of SKYLARKS and a few SWIFTS going through, nothing else of note though.

Lesser Black Backed Gull

Similarly, in the Wet Woods and Scrubby Woods, I had trouble finding many of the species seen yesterday, no Long Tailed Tit, Coal Tit or Jay, but there were at least 3 singing BLACKCAPS here.

Nothing on the lakes to get excited about, the MUTE SWAN and COOT pair are successfully bring up there young, the latter are almost independent now, two MALLARD, a scattering of MOORHEN and a lone GREYLAG GOOSE were also on the water.

On the walk back home through the Small Holding I saw a flock of at least 8 MISTLETHRUSH alight in a Large Oak, a nice sight to see  :-)

An afternoon visit was made, mainly to try and find some different Butterflies and maybe get some Dragonfly images and although I found my first Common Blue Butterflies for this month over at the Greenhouse grounds, I didn't come across a single Dragonfly, better luck for another day  ;-)

Lapwing - not from my patch though! These images are from Bough Beech reservoir

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