Thursday 23 April 2015

A five and a half hour full patch walk today was undertaken under cloudy skies, but without the cold Northerly wind it felt much warmer than of late. Towards the end of my visit the cloud cover broke and it became sunny and warm  :-)

The tally of species reached 48 today, with a couple of those making the visit more interesting than of late, firstly an EGYPTIAN GOOSE (87,75) that flew over the Greenhouses, then over Migrant Alley, was another addition to the year list, although yet another 'plastic' one!

Another nice species seen today was the MEDITERRANEAN GULL, two birds were initially heard calling as I passed through the Small Holding, then looking up, I watched them spiral up and out of view, but their calls remained audible all the while.

No other summer species had arrived, I still await the possibility of seeing the likes of Lesser Whitethroat, Turtle Dove, Swift, Garden Warbler or Hobby by the months end, but I wont hold my breath!

I didn't record Mistlethrush, Nuthatch or Little Owl today, although I'm sure they were out there somewhere, but the rest of the regular species were seen or heard. Flyovers from LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and GREY HERON were noteworthy, but only two of the three raptor species, BUZZARD and KESTREL were seen today.

I had nothing photowise for todays post until the sun brought out a couple of Butterfly species, these were photographed in my garden this afternoon.

 This male Orange Tip settled on a Buddleia leaf, but was just a bit too high for me to get the shot I wanted.

This shot was from the other side, but again not quite what I wanted  :-)

 It opened its wings at one point, but I couldn't reach high enough to get a straight on shot looking down, and had to settle for a lengthwise effort, not good as the depth of field needed is far too much, a choice of body or head in focus had to be made, I chose the the former. One day i'll get that perfect pose!

The Speckled Wood sat at a nice height, but I wanted an open winged shot, still a nice image of the underwing though  :-)


Wilma said...

I really prefer the underwing view of the orange tip - the wing pattern is so intricate and delicate. And you can see how fuzzy the rest of the butterfly is without being hit between the eyes by the over-powering orange. I'm in the minority again ...

Wilma said...
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Warren Baker said...

I've got foot in both camps, I like the Orange colouring ( its better in real life) but as you say, the underwing is so much more intricate to look at!

Noushka said...

Oh dear!
The Orange tip is always a must for me, what gorgeous photos you took!