Saturday 4 April 2015

Another grey, drizzly and damp morning, with a cool north wind.

My 3 hour visit today was as dull as the weather, the only clue that it is now actually April, was the fact that the CHIFFCHAFFS are singing, 4 of which were heard today.

In the 3 hours I was out, my notable species list contained this......................

KESTREL - pair at Greenhouses
BUZZARD - one over the Ashes Lane Field
SPARROWHAWK - one over Migrant Alley
LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL two over Migrant Alley
MANDARIN DUCK - two males and a female at the main lake

Unbelievable for April !

I was expecting Migrants, Butterflies and birdsong galore by now  :-( 

..................CANCEL ALL THAT DESPONDENCY!!  My first SWALLOW (75, 57) of the year just flew over my house, a day later than the 14 year median average arrival date............. and the suns out!!


Marc Heath said...

Its all a bit slow out there mate. As I write at 3.40pm, its glorious sunshine outside. Keep looking, it won't be long until the notebook is brimming.

Warren Baker said...

Just had a glimpse of that sunshine! All too late now ! Work to do :-(