Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Back to work today, so there was just the half hour walk into work this morning to try and find some migrants. The paddocks and maize crop at Migrant Alley were quiet - just the usual PIED WAGTAILS, LINNETS and GOLDFINCHES. Much scanning of the fence posts and grass didn't produce any passage migrants, and watching the SWALLOW flock above, I couldn't see any Sand martin.
As I walked back across the area, 5hours later I found a WHEATEAR sitting on top of a fence post, things were looking up. I walked home and got my camera, thinking I would get some wheatear photo's. After much scanning of the fields i again found the Wheatear, but there was a little brown bird with it - another WHINCHAT ! It flew up onto the fence rail, and was promptly joined by another one!! Great stuff 2 Whinchat and a Wheatear. Migrant Alley was producing again!
As well as the 'star' birds, there was a now growing flock of linnets, 30 - 40 in all, alot of them were young birds, which is good to see. I spent most of the time out just watching and enjoying the 3 Migrant birds, and trying to get close enough for a decent photo, which i failed to do.

Blimey!! 2 Whinchats. I'm being spoilt rotten this month.
I could only get to within 30meters, so the pics aren't very good, but it will still be nice to go back and look at these on a cold Decemder evening.

Below is a shot of some the Linnet flock, which flew up in front of me.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
A quiet couple of days , then back to the migrants again .
Will you manage four days work this week ?

Warren Baker said...

I only work half days. Even that is too much! I'd rather be out on my patch.

Kingsdowner said...

Continuing the good times, despite returning to work!
Have you put up signs? 'Migrant Alley this way'

Adam said...

What a fantastic run you're having Warren. Nice pics of Whinchat...just hope James gets down there soon!


Simon said...

Wow! You've been having some super days patchworking!!

fishing guy said...

Warren: Nice capture of the flock of birds, they really are getting set for Fall.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

You sure are being spoilt, lovely looking birds, nice one.