Monday, 18 August 2008

Its back to work today, boo, but off again wednesday onwards, hurrah!
The walk in was wet and miserable with nothing to report, just the SWALLOWS on the wires at the riding stables.
This afternoon I thought i'd walk round Migrant alley and the college grounds, the latter gave me two close encounters with a KINGFISHER, but not long enough for a photograph! Crossing the college sports pitch I found another SAND MARTIN feeding with the swallows, and half a dozen HOUSE MARTINS.
Having walked through Migrant alley to get home from work, and again to get to the college, I decided to give it another go. I sat and waited for 40 mins, just a CORMORANT going over was of any note, I kept scanning the Maize crop, and fence lines for the Whinchat, but nothing. I decided to move on, and as always happens, suddenly, a movement in the paddocks and a WHEATEAR had appeared. Where do they come from ? I had scanned, and looked and seen nothing, then there it was!! After a few pics, I left it in peace and walked up the side of the maize crop that abuts some large gardens. There, I found a dozen GOLDFINCH feeding on seedheads, and as i watched, a WILLOW WARBLER flew from the Maize and into a hawthorne bush, just giving me a short view of it's lovely lemon plumage.

Cormorant flying over Migrant Alley

Above and below, The Wheatear. I looked at last Aug. sightings for wheatear and found that I had recored them on 14 days, starting from the 5th, with 2 birds on 3 of those days. So this Aug. doesn't look like being good as last Aug. far.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

GREAT PICS! You should make an inland Bird observatory!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Josh.
Hmmmm.....a bird observatory, only if! Then I could spend all day looking over the crops. Oh well dream on.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Perhaps one day! All you need is a shed, a kettle and lots of patience!!!

Kingsdowner said...

Warren has lots of patience. I'll find an old kettle - shed anyone?

Good shots of the Wheatear - saw one myself this morning.

Steve said...

yes Warren you are an inspiration to us all! Good shots of the Wheatear. You asked about my year list....95 - rubbish! I was well, my best ever year is 107. I will be nowhere near that this year...

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great Wheatear pictures .
Must think you've retired just doing two days this week .

Warren Baker said...

95 for the year is still good going! I'm only on 92, and the target of 100 in a single year looks improbable. But that won't stop me trying. :-)

I could get used to this 2 day a week lark!

Mosura said...

Your year list is close to double my 56.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Very nice photos of the Wheatear, that is an unusual bird for me.